Write the first line:

Three of the authors of this poem. Robbie Q Telfer, Oskar Hanska and Jamila Woods

I wrote theese words in my little black note book and gave it to Jamila. We were sitting at the Swedish Poetry Slam Nationals and our american guests had been listening to swedish poetry for two days. Two days of spokenword without understanding ett dugg.

The little black book was passed around and Robbie, Jamila, Oskar and I wrote this poem.

Write the first line:

here in Malmö
the pigeons have taken over the soccer field
& Bicykles rule the sidewalks

the pigeons are playing soccer
but they get the rules all wrong
and don’t seem very competative @ all
They all say the score is coo coo coo

The pigeons score on the streets of Malmö
they don’t really care about the bicykles
flying towards them like aggressive soccer balls

I need a cykle of bi-pigeons
bisexual pigeons – all suckers for the ball
roll pigeon, rooooooooll like that fucking ball
roll like you never had wings in the first place
roll like a bowling ball pigeon
roll like your feathers caught fire
roll your fat body up in your wings
& I will smoke you like a chubby blunt

blow smoke rings in the shape
of your circle shits
with little black chunks floating
in the center of the smoke
I’m hacking up lung i tribute
to your healthy digestive tract
Pigeon of science
pigeon of art
pigeon of!